The Band

The band formed in Berlin, Germany around the talents of Samira (vocals), Yann (guitar) , Sebastian (bass) and Franky (drums).

CLICs songs are a smooth mix of Indie-Rock & Pop. Honesty, pure emotions, beautiful melodies - Samira's journeys through her soul are embedded by the band's fine arrangements. They are home to Germany's stages and LIVE is where you really get to know them - feel their deep bond. "We're family really."


After having already released two EPs, their self titled debut "CLIC" and "Once Upon A Time", they have now added some German tunes to their repertoire ... "Because it's where home is. It doesn't make sense to limit ourselves or our compositions to one language." The band has just released their third EP "Way Out".  A notch deeper, ..or grown up, if you will. Dealing with darker topics and times and the never fading tiny hope of the infamous light at the end of the tunnel..